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AboutUmbria emerges as an ideal space to promote Umbria on a large scale. In fact, AboutUmbria has chosen the International Airport of Umbria as its head office, since it is a place where different cultures meet and a crossroads where Umbria has the opportunity to welcome people from the whole world. By sharing the idea that it should be, as in some respects it already is, a forward position of the wealth of this Region, the Association has established here a promotion point of the local territory through a single book catalogue, composed only of Umbrian publishing products and about Umbria, the exhibition and the sale of local handicrafts and the proposal of some particularly remarkable tourist and cultural routes.


The point of sale aims to restore the picture of an enchanting and extremely interesting region. This is the place where a regional development project is fully in progress involving transversely all those working in the world of culture, science, the study of landscapes, the business world, communication, handicrafts, the most traditional jobs.