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Michele Bravi left Città di Castello to conquer Italy. With charisma and a powerful voice he’s becoming certainty in the Italian music scene.

Michele Bravi

Michele Bravi


The Umbrian singer is touring the Peninsula with his NewPagineTour: his job keeps him away from home, but the bond with it is still strong.

What’s your connection with Umbria? 
I am particularly fond of this region, I have a lot of memories related to my childhood. I would like to come back more often; unfortunately my job doesn’t allow it.

Is there a song that could describe Umbria?
No, it isn’t. But I would like to tell my land through music.

X Factor, Sanremo and tour: would have ever imagine all of this when you lived in Città di Castello?
I dreamed it, singing has always been my dream. I could not imagine my life without music, everything I experience is transformed into songs and at this moment I am very satisfied with my achievements.

His tour is called NewPagineTour: what new pages would you like to write?
There are many things that I would still like to tell, but I did not have time given my young age and the little time available. After Sanremo, it was all a whirlwind of emotions and commitments. I would like to live new experiences to find new inspirations and interpretations.

Have you ever felt that Umbrian stereotype of being narrow-minded, or did someone make it notice to you? 
Umbria is at the center of our country and represents the beating heart of Italy. Surely the fact that it is difficult to reach can suggest that the Umbrians are closed people, but it is only an impression.

Three words to describe Umbria… 
Solar, green and intimate.

The first thing that comes to mind thinking about this region… 
My home, my family, my origins and everything related to my childhood.



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