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«The earthquake told by the media was a real fake news for Umbria. It was a real damage».

Matteo Grandi


Journalist, writer, TV author. Matteo Grandi is of all this. But above all, he is an attentive observer of Umbria: with his posts on social networks, he acts like someone who really loves somebody else. A land that he defines unique, but in search of an identity.

What is your bond with Umbria and Perugia?

Affectively , is vet tight. In Perugia there is my home and my main business. Although I am often away, so I could not enjoy my places and my habits as much as I would.

As a communicator, how could Umbria communicate better and make its potential and its beauties known?

It is not a question that can be answered easily. We need a strategy, a plan upstream that can enhance our land’s differences; Umbria has got an extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage, a unique natural landscape and a peculiar mysticism. But it is also characterized by dynamism, especially for cultural manifestations, its old houses and cashmere paths, and for its excellent agri-food products and wines.

On what should it bet?
On its uniqueness, no doubt.

With your book “Far Web”, you face the fake news’ issue: what is the biggest one told on Umbria? If there is?

The one conveyed by all the mainstream media on the earthquake. Umbria has been hit in a very small part, albeit dramatically. Yet for months, newspapers and newscasts have done nothing but tell and talk about an earthquake Umbria. This bad information has damaged our image and our tourism in an incredible way.

From the outside, Umbria is seen as a happy oasis by many, but the reality is different: this could be considered as fake news?

I think Umbria is a happy island in search of identity. We say that more than a fake news we could consider it as a declaration of intent.

Of course, it has got some good points, too…

Quality of life, like few other regions in Italy.

Editor-in-chief, TV author, writer: what is the job you like the most?

More than a job, an act: the one of writing. In any form. I do not know if it’s the thing that suits me the best, but it’s definitely the one I like the most and that is no coincidence that it is the common denominator for all the things I do.

How would you describe Umbria in three words?

Unique, intriguing, green.

The first thing that comes to your mind thinking of this region…

It should be better connected: roads, trains and airports. On the transport front, if we want to make the leap in quality.