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For the upcoming twenty-fifth year of twinning with the city on the west coast of the United States, AboutUmbria meets Michele FioroniCouncillor of the Municipality of Perugia for territorial marketing, urban design, economic development and European design, ready to head for Seattle. 

The Councillor Michele Fioroni

The Councillor Michele Fioroni


The Councillor has a qualification that speaks for itself  and allows him to make some brilliant comments on the promotion of a place like Umbria. Speaking of territory and undisclosed beauty is natural for us, especially when the pretext is a bilingual editorial project that aims to spread a non-stereotyped image of a region like ours, also abroad.

The Councillor agrees with us in identifying quality communication as the key of the entire project. We are talking about the aesthetic beauty of the product, given by the fineness of the paper and by the graphic and photographic project, but also of the content value, mainly given by the information validity reported and by the originality adopted in presenting that information.

According to Ferroni, «although AboutUmbria has a traditional support, it is a qualitatively high editorial product that was missing. The true challenge – continues the Councillor – is to replicate the same quality on other channels, such as online, which is directed to a wider audience and requires less investment.» This a complementary means therefore, that does not require mere presence, but high visibility too. And AboutUmbria knows it well, because our communication offering is completed with our online magazine, bilingual too, constantly updated and synchronized with the major social networks. It is clear now that it is the net to decree the fame or the pillory of certain tourist destinations. The Councillor makes us the example of Krakow, which few years ago was not particularly popular, but now, thanks to low cost companies and social media, has suddenly became desirable. 



It is therefore important that the Internet consecrates Umbria as a highly desirable destination, and to do so, it is necessary to have a good communication plan supported, where possible, by a local presence.
And what is better than a twinning? Councillor Fioroni argues that these moments of encounter should be exploited to give to the name of Umbria a reputation, also focusing on the visual wonder that this region is able to offer. Perugia, in particular, would see the prestige of his name increase, especially because it would benefit from the similarities that link it to Seattle. Both of them have a long musical tradition – one with jazz, the other with grunge – and the Umbrian capital city, thanks to fiber optics, aspires to become ultra-tech, approaching more and more to the American twin.

AboutUmbria, flying overseas, intends to provide the communicative support that this operation requires.
We have to wish the Councillor a good trip, hoping that Umbria could enchant Seattle as it made to us. 

AboutUmbria keeps on doing its journey to enhance Umbrian outstanding qualities and does so by adding a new piece to the articulated puzzle that we started composing two years ago with the store opened in the Airport of Perugia.


Since then, the project has grown and saw on the day of April 11th the achievement of a second important goal, the release of AboutUmbria Magazine, the online magazine that describes Umbria and its unique characteristics. 
But we had another goal in mind to complete this ambitious project, but we believe fundamental, today more than ever, to the re-launch of our region, which needs to be known outside of our borders, which needs instruments to be illustrated not only by highlighting the features already known and representing the cornerstones on which the commonly used communication register is based, but also by clearing the commonplace, going beyond the already mentioned and the already heard, showing much wider realities and potentials and many other possible scenarios. 

We started from here and set a few points.
Umbria is green. This is undeniable. How to ignore the environmental beauty, the sweetness of its hills, the green that remains inside, which sometimes seems capable of reconciling us with the universe? But there is much more, and through colors perhaps, we might be able to narrate it by using unusual color matches or, why not, daring ones.
So we thought to tell Umbria through a color, analyzing it, studying it, and then presenting it through a lens every time coloured differently, so that no aspect would remain behind, so that no soul remains unexpressed. But how about Umbria? We did not have any doubts about this, letting it speak. So we made a full use of images, because it is useless to talk if we cannot show what we are talking about.

But how about Umbria? We did not have any doubts about this, letting it speak. So we made a full use of images, because it is useless to talk if we cannot show what we are talking about. And then no inflates ads, no commercials or slogans from the showcase merchandise. Only great care in research, love for truthfulness of information, attention to details. We tried to present the region’s soul that is amazing in its concreteness, magnificent in its essence.
Thinking about Umbria, comes to mind a beautiful woman who does not like lipstick and blush. A beauty without mystifications, the beauty of tuff and travertine, of Assisi stone and sandstone; an authentic beauty marked by time and yet timeless.
That’s why we did not add any overtone, but we tried to get to the essence; with this intent we chose the contents, selected the photographs, thought of the magazine size and also the paper to use.
We tried to go straight to the heart, that green heart that will become many other colors. BLUE, for example.