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«The emotion of winning an Olympics can only be overcome by the motherhood».

Diana Bacosi started winning medals in the skeet (shooting specialty) in 2004 with the first silver at the European Championships and from there she hasn’t stopped. One success after another, up to the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Diana Bacosi is a woman, a mother and an Olympic champion, who took the shotgun for the very first time when she was 14 years old. «Tokyo 2020 is waiting for me now. After all, this is a sport that does not have age limits».


Diana Bacosi

Diana, what is your link with Umbria?

I was born in Umbria in Città della Pieve and I have always lived in Cetona in Tuscany, on the border between the two regions. It’s 10 years old that i have been living in Rome, but I usually train in Umbria and I often go back to relax.

As yu grown up in the province of Siena, do you feel more Umbrian or Tuscan?

When I am asked this question, I always answer: I fee l Italian.

I read that you picked up the first rifle at 14: what does drive a little girl to this type of sport?

Dad used to go the shooting contests and I follone him to spend time together . The first few times I only sat on one side and I scored the points. One time, my dad told me: “Diana, would you like to  try?” And from that moment on I did not stop shooting. I immediately enjoyed it and it became my passion.

Do you think that you will have Umbrian heir?

There is a boy from Spello, Emanuele Fuso, who is emerging and in the coming months we will see where he will be able to arrive.

Was it more exciting for you: to win your very first competition or the Olympic medal?

Winning an Olympic medal is a unique emotion, also because you get there after a long preparation.

More exciting than becoming a mother?

No, that’s above all and everyone. But gold comes soon after.

How do you prepare to face an Olympics?

It is a journey that lasts over a year. Step by step, race after race you arrive at the Olimpic. There is a physical and mental preparation with breathing exercises, cardiac controls and techniques to take under control the anxiety that may arise during the race. Then there is a schedule of competitions for the entire period that precedes the Olympics: they are only a few, always with the same weapon and the same cartridges.

Try to predict everything, but atmospheric factors are unpredictable. How do you deal with them?

Those can not be predicted, but we try to be prepared, training even in poor conditions and experiencing all the climatic factors. For example, I prefer a storm to the rain. A friend of mine instead loves shooting with rain.

Is there an ideal situation?

Yes, not too much sun, the blue sky and a clean background without mountains  or hills.

A little curiosity: where do you keep the medal?

In a bank safe.

How would you describe Umbria in three words?

Serenity, beauty and hospitality. Umbrian people have always been so close to me.

The first thing that comes to your mind thinking of this region…

The woods and the green.