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What are the requisites for the admission in Network of Excellences?

We can consider excellencies the companies and the experts that, thanks to their dedication and work, contribute to the creation of the brand Umbria = Excellence.

There will be admitted among the excellences, after the Excellency Committee’s consent, the companies or professionals who possess at least 3 of the following requirements:

  • they have developed or are developing an innovative product
  • they have or have been achieving an effective process of product projection on world markets
  • they have implemented or are implementing an environmental sustainability policy
  • they have highlighted or highlighted a particular entrepreneurial dynamism
  • they have produced something  that, in their processes, directly recall to the craft tradition of the territory
  • they have contributed with their work and work philosophy to the growth of the region’s image
  • they have been able to enhance creativity
  • they have been able to give value to their customers by satisfying their needs
  • they have had the ability to hand down the knowledge and know-how of traditional Umbrian processing
  • exercise the leadership with vision, inspiration, and moral integrity

If you think you have the right requisites, write to us and you will soon be contacted by our office marketing@aboutumbria.it