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Get into AboutUmbria network to discover the reserved benefits

AboutUmbria association gives to the Companies, representing the Umbrian outstanding qualities, the opportunity to promote their products/services; it helps the contact with the potential Customer, but it also puts all Companies in touch with them, within a virtuous route which develops the network by enhancing any peculiarity.

Before joining AboutUmbria association, read the Statuteand the Privacy Policy that you will accept automatically with the membership and subsequent renewals.



Joining AboutUmbria network, you are entitled to a lot of benefits:

  1. The Company’s presence in the site page of AboutUmbria Magazine, through a form where you can insert a photo, the description of the company and its products/services, the link with the website and with the social corporate networks;
  2. Possibility of granting discounts/reductions, even for limited periods of time, to all holders of AboutUmbria membership card;
  3. Possibility of granting discounts/reductions, even for limited periods of time, to other companies belonging to the circuit;
  4. Disclosure of your initiatives/offers through all social networks and the Newsletter scheduling of AboutUmbria Magazine;
  5. Scheduling of Newsletters aimed at the sole Companies to spread initiatives reserved for the Circuit: discounts granted to the Companies, invitation to events, initiatives organized by AboutUmbria reserved for Companies;
  6. Possibility of benefiting from discounts on services of AboutUmbria.


How to join or renew your membership

All the companies that wish to join the AboutUmbria network, or to renew their membership, can use one of the following means:

1. by Paypal: fill in the form below and press the button “Send Data and go to the payment”: you will be redirected to Paypal page where you can pay by paypal account or by choosing the method “Pay with a card”.

2. By bank transfer using the following IBAN code IT60Z0200803031000104215715 (BIC/SWIFT  UNCRITMM), transfer to Associazione Aboutumbria Loc. Sant’Egidio, Perugia – Via dell’Aeroporto snc. Download the document here and send it duly completed by email at redazione@aboutumbria.it.

3. By going to the headquarters of the Airport San Francesco d’Assisi, in via dell’Aeroporto snc, Loc. Sant’Egidio – Perugia.


The price is 200,00 € + VAT (244,00 €).

Customers are reminded that membership lasts one year.