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Petrucci rides Umbria

by Agnese Priorelli

Danilo Petrucci, Ducati’s rider, brings Umbria on track. The motorcyclist, born in 1990, comes from Terni and in his city he would like to open a track to make this sport known and loved.

Danilo Petrucci


Petrux, who rides in MotoGP since 2012 – the highest motorcycle category – this year achieved its best result: an eighth place in the final classification, climbing on the podium for four times. An important growth for the motorcyclist that comes from Terni, who writes a diary and relaxes in the woods of Umbria.

What’s your connection with Umbria? 
My beloved live in Umbria and not only in Terni, also in Perugia. I am very fond of my region.

I read in an interview that you write your thoughts on a diary: what would you like to write, that you haven’t written yet?
There are still so many pages that I would like to write and that I have not written yet. No one knows what I write in my diaries, sometimes I have thrown away some of them, without reading them again. I confess that there are two or three things, not only about sport, that I would like to write, but I do not say that because of superstition.

You are used to speed: what would you need Umbria to start running like other regions do?
It would need a little more openness and tolerance even towards the world of motorcycles. I am trying to do something for my city: I would like to open a track, but there is a lot of difficulty and little goodwill. They think we’re making too much noise and that’s why they hinder us. It is always very difficult.

How did you reach the MotoGP, starting from a region that historically is not so tied to the engines?
There have been many people, both in Terni and in Perugia, who have helped me financially to start this career, and I can only thank them. Then, if you want to realize your dream, you have to do a lot of kilometers: as a child, to do Motocross, I used to go to Marche and Lazio. In Umbria there is Magione, which has been my special track for many years. However, it would need a different eye on the engines world and above all that it would need a more importance, even in Umbria.

Have you ever felt that Umbrian stereotype of being narrow-minded, or did someone make it notice to you? 
In my work it is not useful to be narrow-minded, because often you have to speak necessarily. Umbrians are a bit strange: we are very small, but we quarrel. Terni and Perugia are almost enemies. I do not know if we are so closed, certainly we do not have the same resources as the other regions: we have neither the sea nor the real mountain. We have many beautiful places, but little known.

Three words to describe Umbria… 
Charming, secret, small.

The first thing that comes to mind thinking about this region… 
The mountains where I like practicing Enduro. Here there are some of the best places in Italy to do it. I take the bike and relax by going around the woods.



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