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by Eleonora Cesaretti

Mauro Casciari i san easygoing person. Every part of him talks about informality, helpfulness and fondness, but also of urgency: to retrieve something that was sacrificed, to reinvent himself, to come back home. He is a real important person of our region, and we interviewed him.

Everything begun in Teleperugia Studios, Umbrian local TV, in 1992. The next stop, the one that lead him to the radio, came two years after: his voice echoed on Radio Augusta Perusia and on other local stations, until the end of Nineties, when his voice spread on national radios. First of all on Radio Italia Network,  then on Radio Deejay; in the end Italia Uno, where he’s one of the six deejays that granted his voice to the project Uno di Uno.

Until 2005, he’s the voice that announces the cartoons on Italia Uno: now we understand how Mauro Casciari could develop his expressiveness, and how he could inspire sympathy as soon as we met him. He comes back to the radio in 2002, with RDS and, from that moment on, he grants his voice alternately to television and to the radio – just think of the ads on Italia Uno and to the TV programs on Radio 2.

After that, in 2007, he became a correspondant for Le Iene, giving a face to the voice that spread on national radio stations. For ten years, besides a hyena, he was the host of several RAI, Sky Uno and TV8 programs – just to mention a few: Affari Tuoi, L’Eredità, Mi manda Raitre, Il Testimone.

In the last year, he decided to abandon Le Iene, and he was Radio 2 Rai and Rai 2 correspondant for the 100th Tour of Italy, with the program called Non è un paese per giovani.

But Mauro Casciari’s creativity doesn’t end there: he collaborates with Valigia Blu Association and he’s the president of Avnti Tutta Onlus, Umbria’s pride and joy.

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Eleonora Cesaretti


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