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Quince Jam of Valnerina

by Rita Boini

typical plates valnerina
  • 1 kg of quinces;
  • 300 g of carlina acanthifolia roots;
  • 1 l of cooked must
  • 200 g of sugar

Wash the quinces, cut them into large slices, bake them in very little water for 30 minutes, peel them, remove their cores and place them with the baked must and sliced roots ​​in a stainless steel pot with thick bottom and walls . Cook on low heat and, when the apples are loose, combine the sugar. When a drop of quince jam, poured on an inclined plate, does not get down well, put in jars. Close the screw cap while the jam is still warm. Wait two months before opening the jar.


This quince jam is typical of the area of Norcia. The roots of carlina acanthifolia, with bitter taste, are collected in autumn, and they are useful inappetence and flu. You should not consume in excessive doses. 
Courtesy of Calzetti-Mariucci Editori 


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