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Interviewing Fast Animals and Slow Kids

An Umbrian band: Fast Animal and Slow Kids, commended by the National Press, that has hit the most important stages of the Italian Peninsula and has become one of the most famous bands in the Italian music scene. 

The band was born in Perugia nearly ten years ago, when four boys with the same flamboyant passion for music decided to set up a group for fun, where they could vent their overwhelming musical creativity that was not yet fully expressed in their formerly bands. In 2010, after some concerts around Umbria, they opened band concerts such as the Zen Circus one, Il Teatro degli Orrori, Futureheads and Ministri. In summer they participated in the Italia Wave Love Festival held in Livorno and they were rewarded as the best emerging Italian group. After a long tour, they recorded their first album, Cavalli, produced by Andrea Appino, frontman of the Zen Circus, which allowed the group to be noticed within the Italian independent musical environment, also by participating in numerous musical events. In December 2013, the single Cosa ci serve won the Rockit Trophy as the best Italian song for both site readers and online magazine editors. In the same period, the album also received the recognition as the best Italian album by the readers of Xl-la Repubblica. 

forse non è la felicità fask

Forse non è la felicità, album cover – Woodworm Label, 2017

In June 2014, the group participated in the tenth edition of MI AMI 2014, an Italian festival dedicated to independent music; in the same month they also played as opening band at Sherwood Festival in Padua. Their second last album Alaska was the most sold “alternative” album on iTunes in Italy and the tour recorded six sold out concerts and 2800 spectators at Alcatraz in Milan. On December 21st, 2016, they officially announce the release of their new album Forse non è la felicità, an adrenaline record with celebrated contaminations, born in total expressive freedom and which develops a true response to deep the chaos of life. Their new promotional tour of their latest work led them to major Italian music festivals and clubs, ending this kaleidoscopic trip at home, in the Strozza Music Fest of Perugia. 

fask formation

From left to righ: Alessandro Guercini (guitar), Alessio Mingoli (drums and second voice), Aimone Romizi (guitar, voice and percussions), Jacopo Gigliotti (bass). Pic by Alessio Albi

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